Kevin Barrett

"If You’re Going to Kill Me Look Me in the Eye":
Uncivil Liberties Humanizes the Struggle for Freedom

9/11 epitomized the ongoing breakdown of human relationships in post-industrial civilization—especially the breakdown in trust between government and governed... Read more

Michael Herzog
Host, Republic Broadcasting Network, M-F 2-4pm Central

Having much experience in movie watching and a bit in the world of 'acting,' my hat is off to Tom Mercer for his insight in conveying such a valuable message while entertaining us with a movie like 'Uncivil Liberties.' After viewing the DVD, I was very impressed at how an individual, on his first attempt at a full length movie, could tie it together as well as he did. Though not a Blockbuster like Titanic or Braveheart, the storyline is one that will cause you to ponder our present, the near future and our interlocking relationships, both racial, political and religious with our fellow man. Weaving cleverly a couple of surprising twists in the tapestry. Great choice in casting as well!! Definitely an eye opener for the mainstream couch potatoes and dittoheads.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Radio Host, RFID Researcher and Bestselling Author

Uncivil Liberties is quite possibly the best low-budget film I have ever seen. It addresses some of the most pressing political and social issues of our time in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

If you're looking for Hollywood production values, high-tech special effects, or an easy black and white morality tale, this is not the film for you. But if you want a movie that will get you thinking and talking about important themes, I can highly recommend Uncivil Liberties.

Filmmaker Tom Mercer, along with his dedicated cast and crew, have tackled a tough subject with compassion and intelligence. I thank them for this important contribution to the national dialog on surveillance and freedom.

Carolyn Baker
Global Research

In the seventh year of the current presidential administration which has eviscerated more aspects of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution than any previous administration in American history, I recently had the opportunity of viewing a new 'documentary' Uncivil Liberties, written and directed by Thomas Mercer. I am pleased to offer my review of the film; however, it is not possible for me to authentically review this work of art or any other pertaining to civil liberties without attaching to it my own addendum of the history of attacks on the well being of its citizens by the United States government... Read more

David Deschesne
Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

Uncivil Liberties is a new political thriller by independent film maker, Tom Mercer. Uncivil Liberties takes the viewer into a realm few movies dare tread today - reality. Mercer explores the reality of what can go horribly wrong when government goes too far in providing security, and paramilitary groups go too far demanding their freedom... Read more

Gary Franchi
Host, Lone Lantern Radio on M-F 6-7pm Central

Uncivil Liberties provides a window into a future we must prevent, a future where the government has total authoritarian control and the people have resorted to their last option. In a system of people we must take note of the message in this film. You will find it, just pay close attention. The frightening reality, that Uncivil Liberties portrays, kept me on edge during the whole film. Uncivil Liberties will inspire debate and discussion in your home. I strongly urge you to get this movie and watch it with friends and family today.

Local Independent Film Beats Hollywood at the Box Office
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

UNCIVIL LIBERTIES, a feature film made locally by writer/director Tom Mercer, outperformed 6 of 7 Hollywood movies over the weekend at the Madison Theater in Albany, according to Jay Pregent, manager of the Madison.

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Filmmaker’s Political Movie Earns National Distribution Deal and Premiere at Albany Theater
Thursday, March 8, 2007

A political thriller by local independent filmmaker Tom Mercer, will premiere on Friday, March 9 at the Madison Theater in Albany, with showings throughout the week of March 9-15. And on April 10, the film will be released to video stores and rental houses on DVD by national distributor Ariztical Entertainment.

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